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From rambling to running,
experience the forest with our bodies.

Into the Woods invites you to stroll in the woods, bathe in the forest,

and listen to nature’s music.

Upon heading back in the bustling city, you may also be able to find the magical moments belonging just to you and nature.

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Workout guide

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Forest bathing

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music by the streams

Nature Invitations

Sometimes, it only takes 15 minutes to take a breather in nature to relax and recharge.


Find a place where you can see the sky; look at the clouds for 15 minutes~

Find a tree, sit next to it, bask in its presence and feel the ground beneath you~

Find a space with fresh air; stretch your body~


Download “Into the Woods Monthly Practice Card” (7 designs in total), spare your time and take 10-15 minutes out of your daily lives to enjoy nature.

Key visual design: Maoshan

Illustrators: Maoshan, All Things Bright and Beautiful, Humchuk, THE WEIRD THINGS, UUendy Lau

Download “Into the Woods" cards

Mouse over to see the preview of the card, click to enlarge.

Click "go to link" to download PDF file in the enlarged screen.

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