Music by the Streams

The brook trickling through the valley is accompanied by the steady bass of the bassoon; the pounding waterfall overhanging the river is aroused by the high notes of the bassoon. The calm heart keeps you cool.

Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Center, in collaboration with the local bassoon orchestra Seven Foot Six And A Half, brings you the music of the mountains. We hope that you can find inner peace in the interplay of woodwind instruments and the trickling rivers here in Lung Fu Shan.

Musician statement: Seven Foot Six and a Half

With its sounding length of seven foot six inches and a half,

The bassoon is the longest of all woodwind instruments.

It is made of maple wood, found deep inside the forest.

Mankind dressed the maple wood in gold and silver, and brought it from the forest to the concert hall, dazzling the world.

Yet, in the best of worlds, a return to nature would ensure its own exquisite setting….

Why not take the bassoon back to the forest and let it sing?

Let the towering trees provide its harmony!

Until then, through the bassoon, we can all hear the sound of the singing trees.

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The Song: Excerpt of Duettino for Two Bassoons

A duet bassoon piece by french composer Eugène Bozza, harmonies well with the sound of water, perfect to enjoy near streams. You may find the music video and the soundtrack below.

Suggested ways to enjoy this piece:

1. Watch the music video

2. Listen to the soundtrack

3. Headout to nature (a park or countryside nearby), listen to the mp3 near streams, waterfalls, fountains, etc. any water source.

The Music Video

The video was filmed at Lung Fu Stream, a small waterfall located 20 mins walk away from our centre. The music echos with bird calls and songs of the streams. 

The Soundtrack

Listen to the soundtrack while you are hanging out in the wilderness.

Excerpt of Duettino for Two BassoonsSeven Foot Six and a Half
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