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Naturalists' Essentials

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Free field guides, information that helps you to begin your naturalist's journey.


May essential - How to use Birds of Hong Kong and South China

Many bird watchers have heard of this book, do you know how to use it well to identify birds?

Going birding on Lung Fu Shan, feel free to borrow one from our centre. Details please visit our Field Equipment Borrowing Service page.

Sep essential - A Year in the Forest Calendar

Showcasing the animals and plants you may find throughout the seasons on Lung Fu Shan, which is available for all to download below.

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Apr essential - Lung Fu Shan Common Spiders Dichotomous Key

A dichotomous key that allows you to quickly identify spiders based on their characteristics.

You may also construct your dichotomous key using the same logic, watch this Youtube video to learn how.

Mar essential - Urban Field Guide

Cicadas, Asian Common Toads, Wild Boars, Weaver Ants have been visiting our centre often lately. 

Download our free urban animals field guide now and start exploring.

 Feb essential - Urban Field Guide

Spring is the best season to do bird and butterfly watching!

Download our free urban birds and butterflies field guide now and start exploring.

Jan essential - Field equipment

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Bird watching

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Binoculars for adults (8x)

Illuminated loupe (30x)

Binoculars for kids (8x)


The Birds of Hong Kong and South China

Encyclopedia of Hong Kong Butterflies - Butterfly Identification

Birdwatching in Woodlands

Binoculars 101