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Lung Fu Shan Country Park was established in 1998 and is Hong Kong’s smallest country park. Many of its facilities are renovated or preserved features of ad-hoc structures built by the many hikers long enmeshed with Lung Fu Shan’s history, including a good many workout facilities. It's proximity to the city soon made it the ‘backyard’ of residents of western Hong Kong Island. 

How to use “The Lung Fu Shan Workout Guide”

1. There are 5 levels of walking/running trails, 4 “Work It Out!” routine - each routine with 3 levels accordingly (see the backside of the map), and 11 stretching exercises (see the backside of the map) for you to follow along. Read the exercise details on the map, or scan the QR code next to each routine for details of all difficulty levels.


2. Choose a Trail Walking / Running Challenge or “Work It Out!” routine based on your ability. If you are bold, go both.


3. Dress in appropriate active-wear, bring plenty of water and snacks to replenish your energy. Ask a friend to come along to share the joy (and pain) of working out.


4. Make sure the weather is suitable for hiking before heading out*. Let's go!


*We suggest not to head uphill if any one of the below signals is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory: Typhoon Signal No. 1 or above, Amber Rainstorm warning or above, Landslip warning, Thunderstorm warning.

#Fitness content illustrations and graphic design: THE WEIRD THINGS ∥
#Fitness content design and editing: Andrew Lam ∥ 
#Fitness programme design: Alan Wong, Xavier Chan

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